Silent - Telugu Horror Shortfilm

A worth watching horror silent shortfilm trailer directed by Vamsi Panjagala's

Kartha Karma Kriya | Latest Telugu Short Film

Watch Kartha Karma Kriya New Telugu Short Film 2015. Syed Anwar and Sameera's Kartha Karma Kriya Short Film Directed by Venu Meher under Evergreen Productions.

Short Film : Kartha Karma Kriya (Telugu)
Banner : Evergreen Productions
Cast : Syed Anwar, Sameera, Ravi Varma, Dr. Josya Bhatla, Sasi Kanth
Director of Photography : S.D. Jaan
Editing : Meer
D.I : Digi Post
Colorist : U. Kalyan Chakravarthi
Visuval Effects : Magic B (Basha)
Dialogues : L.V. Venkatesh Babu, Venu Meher S
Lyrics : Sriram Tapswi
Singers : Sai Kiran Goparaju, Lokesh
Music : Dr. Josya Bhatla
Producer : Syed Anwar
Story - Screenplay - Direction : Venu Meher S

? (Question) - Horror Short Film By Shakti C

Synopsis: (Story Board)

It's a story of a little girl who is dead due to harassment and was waiting to share her agony. Knowing this, a renowned ghost hunter, who wants to know if life existed after death, attempts to meet the girl and listen to her. However, he loses his life by the end of the story.

Film Name: ? (Question) Horror Short Film

Director: Shakti C.
Screen Writer / Screen Play : Shakti C.
Editor : Shakti C.
Camera / DOP / Cinematography : Shakti C.
Producer: Lakshmi G.
Banner: Bharathi Movies.
Production : A Lakshmi Production.
Music: online (Third party)

Cast:  Raghava,Suma,Siddu,Subbu,Kohana

Hrithik Tho Samantha Telugu Shortfilm

Cast:Rajnikanth. Chandra lekha, Bhimavaram balaji, Manoj Pardha, Vara Prasad,Tarun Kumar
Written & directed by Dharmarajula Srinu
Produced by dharmarajula kondaiah,shaik ameen&bhimavaram balaji
Edited by Prasad Veera
RR by anjaneyulu
Cinematography by Srinivas Reddy,
Dharmarajula Srinu & Pawan.
Shooted with canon 5d mark 2

Dil ROOBA Telugu Shortfilm

" Dil ROOBA - Every Love Story is Beautiful " Signs a Friendship Is Turning Into Love.This concept is inspired by a true story. Sanjay & Nairuthi are best friends from 7years, but sanjay started loving her from almost 3years. He tried to explain his thoughts & feelings towards her but he's afraid because nairuthi is a girl who believes that a true friend cant be a Great lover... She always opposes her friends not to accept love proposals from their friends. But the sanjay convinces nairuthi is the plot.

Cast : Nairuhti Thriveni, Sandeep Anandh, Aasha, Shyam & Raja
Editing & VFX : Virgo Man Creations
Dubbing : Kaanti Studios
Music : Virgo Man Creations
Cameraman : Gopal SSV
Producer : Ramya Penumatcha

'Soggadi Interview' Comedy Short Film

Niharika asks her boyfriend Pasu, to meet her father and inpress him. A tense Pasu goes to their home to meet her father, and he doesnt expect whats in store for him. The film is a hilarious account of how the interviewer sadistically tortured Pasu with his ridiculous questions. This is a film based on dialogue comedy, which is helped by lovable acting.
Concept - Direction: Swaroop King
Music : Mahi Madhan
Camera - Editing : Yatesh Kumar
Cast: Narendra Bhupathi, Swaroop

A Boy at Red Signal

A Boy at Red Signal New Short Film 2015. "A boy at REDSIGNAL is a social messgae oriented film which potrayes about a street boy's daily routene with humanity, friendship etc.

Peter Re-Peter Short Film | Shining Knight Pictures

Peter Re-Peter Short Film by Shining Knight Pictures. Peter Re-Peter Short Film features Revanth Kumar Bandari. Written, Shot, Edited & directed by Kaushik Dasari. Music by Kevin MacLeod (

Musugu Veyaddu Manasu Mida - Telugu Love Thriller Shortfilm 2015

Production No 2 : Musugu Veyaddu Manasu Mida

Plot : Musugu Veyaddu Manasu Mida is a film that reflects the story of a guy who fells in love with an unknown girl in Facebook. And finally His life turned after realizing the actual truth.

Actors : Faruk, Sirisha,Ramesh Babu
DOP : Triyambakesh
Story : Faruk
Editing and Direction : Sai Swaroop
Produced By : K Surya Kumari
Production House : Sunday Movie Makers & Ever Green Creations

Shot With : Canon 1200 D
Shooting Duration : 2Days
Budget : 2,000 (For Dubbing Studio and Fuel Charges)
Editing Done in : Adobe Premiere CC
Dubbing Studios : Laxvil, Sri Nagar Colony, Hyderabad
Shooting Locations : Hyderabad - Nagole, Leoneo Resorts, Our Home, Thirumalgiri Park

PS: We know that we made many mistakes in this film and we truly accept them as we are amateur in film making, And please give your valuable suggestions for our improvement for future films.

Sorry Jaan Telugu Short Film

Cast & Crew Details

Shanmuk Madabattula As Charan
Praveen Kumar Yavvari As Teja
Nitya Sree Nandagiri Voice of Jaanvi

Music by Kevin MacLeod (

Written, Shot, Edited & Directed by Kaushik Dasari

Super Machi || Latest Telugu Comedy Shortfilm 2015

 Cast : Niranjan, Shiva Kuamr, Uday Kumar
DOP, Editor, Direction : Sai Swaroop
Production : Sunday Movie Makers

NOTE : This shortfilm was made with a Zero Budget
Movie made with out any script and Shot in Just 1 Hr of Time with out any lights and Camera Accessories,

"MY CHOICE" Heart Touching Short Film

My Choice short film is about a guy called Naveen who just completed his education tries to get a job but fails in each and every interview. There is a character called Raju who motivates Naveen saying that job is not the only means of earning money. The rest of the story is about what they did for living? what are the consequences they faced?. Is the choice made by Naveen is right or not?