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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Senorita - New Telugu Short Film

The movie is about an aspiring film maker Arjun who gets convinced in making a commercial film which becomes a disaster,
rather than going by his heart of making his dream project Senorita. The failure of the film leads the sensitive film maker into the depression. He later gets distracted by a neighbour girl Geeta which leads to his marriage life imbalance with his wife Shashi.
Then how he overcome the struggles, failures ,family problems & became successful is the main plot of the film.

Cast : Lavanya Raju , Navin Victor, Sweta Gupta , Vinu Varma , Kiran Kumar, Nagaraj Gandikote

Written & Directed by : Mahendar Kududula
Cinematography : Niranjan Das
Editing & Grading : Niranjan Das , Ajay S
Background score : Naga vamshi krishna Keys
Additional Screenplay : Krishna Naroju
Direction Team : Suresh Madapathi, Arun Shushi.
Production design : Swetha Jonnalagada , Kavya Subramanya.
Sound design: Shankar D
Sound Mixing : Prakash Studio
Publicity Design: Akhil Eppalapally
Producers: Paruchuri ratan, Krishna Naroju and Mahendar Kududula
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